Re-imagine your future- the Virtual Employee

Many years ago my first manager in consulting asked me to spend time each day searching the media for changes that would generate opportunities for me. 

Our personal and business lives can become crowded with activities that steal away from us the potential downtime that we can effectively use to re-imagine those ideals that have taken us to where we are now.  Our lives and our businesses or roles in society become static, not because we choose them to be so but because of our inability to squeeze in reflective time to look back and look forward.

COVID 19is providing us with an amazing space within which to re-image our business.

The most significant opportunity that has come from the current crisis is the forced creation of the virtual workforce. Three weeks ago many had never heard of Zoom but suddenly it has become omnipresent in business and many businesses find themselves operating primarily from home.

Your business opportunity is here right now to re-imagine your business after COVID 19.

Ask yourself:

Could my business emerge after this crisis like the butterfly from the chrysalis? 

Could my business learn to operate with more staff permanently or regularly working from home? Would they be happier, are there potential savings and benefits? 

 Are there business opportunities appearing that weren’t there before COVID19 that are beneficial to my business? New or different areas to operate in? New products or services you could provide? New staff, that you can now access in any geographical location?

Are there technology solutions that could reduce costs or provide new or different relationships with your customers? 

Take this time to make a set time every day when you reflect on the possible and the new, there has never been a better time to use your time to re-imagine the future, your future.

The author, John Hanby, has spent the majority of his consulting life working with businesses and individuals helping them re-imagine themselves and their businesses.

“At Bizcertainty, the only thing we’re certain about is that unless you keep re-imagining the future of your business, your business future is uncertain.” 

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