Bizcertainty: Leadership in volatile times.
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What Managers and Leaders need to be talking about right now is certainty in uncertain times.


They need to master remote working staff. How to delegate and manage Virtual Teams- With 'Team on a Screen' for instance.



They need tips and training on Crisis Management, and self-management in these extraordinary and chaotic times.



Simplicity in Complexity. Practical tips to manage every day in a complex world.


It's not the smartest or the strongest who survive... It's the most adaptable to the environment.

Managing in a VUCA Environment

VUCA is an acronym for Volatile Uncertain Complex and
Ambiguous, coined by the US military.


Is your Business Corona Ready?

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Why Go Virtual?

While the COVID19 situation and the resulting financial fallout affects the world, it may be months or years for a return to confident spending and a ‘return to normal’ for your business.

The options you have right now are to:
A. Hibernate and ride out the storm, get a business loan or handout and hope you can last the distance.
B. Close up shop and retire from your business.
C. Embrace Digital Transformation and prepare yourself with a lean and smarter way to conduct your business, with lower overheads, reduced staff and improved efficiencies.

Digital transformation is the process of using digital technologies to create new — or modify existing — business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements. This reimagining of business might just be your salvation (and ours) in these crazy unprecedented times.

The benefits to you will be:

  1. Create a leaner more agile business
  2. Lower overheads and higher profits
  3. Create & protect shareholder wealth


Survivor Mentality People
Will Say

Unfortunately I find myself in the position of..... This means I need to...

Do you have a survivor mentality?


10%-hysteria or denial, look in the rearview mirror and ask what did I do wrong.
80%-most people and like kangaroos caught in the headlights, wait for directions from others.
10% will take control.
Only 10% of the population will step up and formulate an escape route.

Leading Through Change- Free Download

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imagine your future business

Re-imagine your future- the Virtual Employee

Many years ago my first manager in consulting asked me to spend time each day searching the media for changes that would generate opportunities for me.  Our personal and business lives can become crowded with activities that steal away from us the potential downtime that we can effectively use to re-imagine those ideals that have

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Tought imes never last ToughPeople Do

Tough Times Never Last, Tough People Do

A great message for these times, and how exactly to keep tough-minded during the COVID-19 crisis. A Sense of Gratitude Never look at what you have lost… look at what you have left. Add up your joys and never count your sorrows. Focus on Giving instead of Getting. A Sense of Optimism Welcome tomorrow for

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manage virtual teams

How to keep your best people

There is no clear end date to the current crisis and your business is suffering from Coviditis. The only thing that seems certain to you is that when the world returns to the new normal, you’ll be requiring your best staff to be still with you and ready to go again, but how are you

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Stress into Strength

Turning Stress into Strength

Some years ago I was running a workshop for a national real estate business and I’d been asked to talk about managing stress effectively. The single biggest surprise for me in terms of how participants managed stress effectively was the belief that pushing themselves in strenuous activities to achieve better performances in the gym or

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