Turning Stress into Strength

Some years ago I was running a workshop for a national real estate business and I’d been asked to talk about managing stress effectively.

The single biggest surprise for me in terms of how participants managed stress effectively was the belief that pushing themselves in strenuous activities to achieve better performances in the gym or on the bike or in running a distance was seen by many as a great way of de-stressing.

For me, stress can be both a positive and a negative and recognising these possible aspects of stress and addressing each one individually is essential for a strong body and mind.

Working within a crisis environment requires strength and resilience and finding the most effective way of dealing with stressors for yourself will be essential.

  1. Build in a morning ritual to the day that allows you to put positive energy into your reserve tank. This may take on the guise of a brisk walk, a quiet walk, some reflective time looking at the trees and listening to the birds, whatever works for you.
  2. Find calmness in your journey to work. Listen to Classic FM and allow yourself to quietly avoid the crazy announcers and constant references to COVID 19 and death toll updates.
  3. Listen to and address problems with calmness, quiet introspection and constructive communications to others. Be the leader in your business who inspires calm and confidence.
  4. Respond to issues rather than reacting to them. Stop yourself from holding your breath and breathe deeply and into your belly.
  5. Acknowledge that this crisis has a substantial timeline and will require your added attention and strength and pace yourself as though you are about to run in the Melbourne Cup.
  6. Try to see opportunities in problems and celebrate the small victories when they come. Share the good news moments with your staff, customers, family and anybody else who would like to listen, we’re all in need of positive news.
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