Bizcertainty: Leadership in volatile times.
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Designed to deliver change management in the shortest possible time.

Designed with the urgency and necessity of organisational change required in a post-pandemic environment.

Delivering the greatest value for money in these distressing times.

vuca survival pack by bizcertainty

VUCA Survival Kit

VUCA Survival Kit is born of necessity right now, with so many business owners immobilised with fear and disbelief/denial. Right now we all have to act to set a course for business and financial recovery.

  • Individual, Team & Organisational Wellbeing Program
  • Techniques for Managing Uncertainty and Complexity
  • Focus & Priority Planning
  • Brand Management & Future Proofing
  • Self Leadership
  • Mind Management & Creative Thinking Processes
team on a screen by bizcertainty

Team on a screen

Managing virtual teams is going to be the new norm. With staff and suppliers working from home effective delegation, communication and reporting are now essential.

  • Team on a Screen
  • Remote Management Strategies
  • Virtual Team Development
  • Communication Strategies
  • Engagement & Retention
  • Performance & Deliverables
  • Step by Step Action Planning.
mental resiliance training by bizcertainty

Mental Resilience Training

Now more than ever we need to be developing our mental wellbeing and resilience to stress, so we can better protect ourselves against the development of mental health problems. Leaders need a strong self image, and situational confidence that defies the odds, to step up in times of crisis.

crisis and reputation amanagement by bizcertainty

Crisis and Reputation Management

  • Keeping the business on track
  • Reduce and minimise costs
  • Consider increasing or decreasing price of service/product
  • Defer purchases
  • Ensure your invoices are paid promptly and follow up outstanding debts in a timely manner
  • Consider discounts for on time payments
  • Establish most profitable aspects of business and promote extensively
  • Offer staff fewer hours or take accrued leave
  • Communicate with staff and seek ideas and options from them
digital transformation by bizcertainty

Digital Transformation

The global pandemic is accelerating every businesses move to digital transformation. We’ve seen recent examples of businesses and industries decimated by COVID19, and others that are now at risk of viability. Changes around how you deliver your service and the gaps in your digital  presentation, fulfilment and aftercare need to be addressed.

upside executive coaching by bizcertainty

Upside Executive Coaching

Upside Executive Coaching builds self esteem, confidence and certainty in uncertain times.

If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting…

ventsure mentoring by bizcertainty

VentSURE Startup Mentoring

Every business success relies on ‘Person-Promise-Outcome’. We have product development skills, marketing skills and sales skills to deliver the balanced approach required when launching a service or product innovation. We help you to create minimum viable assets to demonstrate viability and financial success.

quality assurance by bizcertainty

Qualitease QA Program

Quality Assurance can easily deliver 10-30% improvements to profits through reduced wastage, miscommunication, under utilisation and overstocking. However, creating a documented quality system is valuable only when it is used, by staff on a daily basis to inform management about performance to a set of KPI’s via live dashboards. Our approach involves changes at the coalface to ensure workflows that check for quality adherance at every stage of product and service delivery.

grooming for sale or succession by bizcertainty

Grooming for Sale or Succession

This is how we position you for profit by readying your business for sale or succession:

  • Audit your business for stregths weakness opportunities and road blocks to a high valuation
  • Set a road map to build shareholder value and options for succession
  • Improve systems and processes, delivering improved efficiences
  • Capture IP, a staff knowledge crucial to the future potential of the business
  • Engage Staff and get their active participation in the future of the firm
  • Boost Sales and Net Profit and achieve a high valuation

BI Benchmarking Insights

Benchmarking relies on both internal comparisons from your own data and external comparisons from external market sources. Learn what other businesses earn and how their metrics may inform your business planning. What strategies can be adopted now to boost profits, minimise overheads and position you for the inevitable boom in coming years?
Why benchmark?
1. Define best practices
2. Identify trends and opportunity
3. Validate assumptions made
4. Highlight the need for resources
5. Monitor change
6. Establish target expectations
7. Stimulate your competitive spirit

profit assurance by bizcertainty

Profit Assurance

With the world in turmoil, business valuations are strained and less certain. Profit assurance is a set of metrics and performance data to deliver a high confidence assertion of continued profits. Includes:

  • Individual Product and Service contributions to profit
  • Dependencies and risk analysis around demand and supply funnels
  • Competitive Market Analysis and Benchmarking
business automation by bizcertainty

Business Automation

Business Automation can streamline a business for simplicity, increase service quality, improve service delivery or reduce costs. Innovation in business processes and operational efficiency are now required even to stay in business.